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Potomac Photonics Develops Ultra-Miniature Sensor Nodes

Potomac Photonics, a leading company specializing in the micro-designing of miniature products, declared their accomplishment of its Phase 1 NSF SBIR agreement for the wireless sensor connection miniaturization. To obtain a high state of miniaturization, the fabrication engineers decreased the volume of the latest wireless sensor units by ten times.

Potomac established an integral three dimensional compression technique and introduced an improved FlexEl battery to showcase the viability of the minute sensing unit’s fabrication with compact energy storage capacity. The company points out that technology enabled the production of random sized sensor nodes with the capability to revolutionize the wireless sensor node fabrication process.

A Medtech Pulse article reported that the dynamic medical tools should have the capability to integrate their own power source and transmit the data externally and that the novel technology will be suited for medical devices since it consumes very less power and requires less space due to conformal geometries for the whole unit packing.

Potomac has decided to collaborate with the wireless sensor fabricators to integrate their unique technology for the future constructs and the company’s aim on reducing the size, customizing the shape and marketing their miniature products which will advance the next-generation wireless sensing devices for a wide range of applications.


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