GPS-Based Qube 3 System Imparts Fleet Tracking Solutions

Navman Wireless, a pioneer in GPS-based fleet optimization or vehicle tracking products and services, proclaimed the rapid accessibility of an updated GPS vehicle monitoring system, Qube 3, which is a major element of the company’s web-oriented AVL2 fleet tracking device. The Qube 3 has been advanced with an eight-day backup battery, improved tamper detection capability, in-built motion sensor and alert systems.

The third generation Qube relays the updated data about the vehicles’ activity and position to the online wireless AVL2’s software by cellular grids for detailed information which aids in enhancing the production rates and reducing the fleet maintenance cost as well as fuel utilization. The Qube system can be installed in vehicles with a small mark which enables it to be hidden if needed.

The advanced tamper tolerant covering, shields all the connections and prevents the GPS signal impairment for concealing the usage of unauthorized vehicles. The system can determine any sort of tampering or hindrance and transmit the updated text or e-mail alert or warning to the concerned person.

The device has an in-built battery which gives backup for eight days and allows constant GPS tracking even if the connection wires between the Qube and the vehicle is impaired.

The motion sensor integrated in it monitors and warns the dispatchers about the restricted hour movement of vehicles disabling moonlighting, robbery and private use of the vehicles.

The Qube 3 reports vehicles’ mileage, speed, ignition status, entry and exit to the restricted zones and other major information which enables the mangers to monitor the operation of fleets and performance of drivers. The device functions with a temperature ranging from-20° C to +70° C and it records nearly 100 geofenced data and 1,600 important incidents.

The Qube 3 has the capability to connect Navman’s mobile information devices such as the M-Nav 760 navigation/messaging and MDT-860 messaging, to the drives. The devices are installed with AVL2 Online software for on–the-spot communication between the field drivers and dispatchers.

Renaat Ver Eecke, Navman Wireless’s vice president and general manager, stated that their tracking system ensures high safety and upholds this unique technology for the best use in vehicle operations, detecting location of the vehicles and recording the reports for reduction in waste and enhancing the efficiency.

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