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MAZeT Launches New Simulation Tool for Measurements in the Optical Processes

MAZeT, an innovator and service provider for products such as OptoASICs, embedded computer applications, spectral and color sensors, is now launching a tool simulating spectral-selective semiconductor sensors, which is to be used for accurate inline measurement processes.

The system is replicated during a viability analysis by using MAZeT’s tool and then customized. This software facilitates a choice of correct sensors, and the perfect mishmash of lighting equipment and filters, during the preparation phase, to provide high quality features, needed for the measurement process.

MAZeT would be able to provide varied sensor devices, to be used for color measurements that would be cost-effective, and at the same time cover a lot of precision needs. The combination, thus replicated is founded on radiometric calculation rules. This tool can be used for both new and already in use applications. The sensors are easily employed in processes, such as selecting items for the calibrating process or exchanging the sensor lighting systems being used, for simple teaching processes, absolute color measurements, radiometric measurements by using multi-range sensors, XYZ and RGB sensors, multi-range and XYZ sensors etc.

To pull off optimal accuracy, the most select blend of illumination filters used and the selection of objects to be calibrated, is essential. The most important factor affecting the measurement of quality level would be lighting effects along with the filters’ spectral composition. The simulation groundwork stage gets rid of the necessity of a number of experimental tryouts for optimization, such as a choice of the finest source of light. The simulation system not only leads to enhanced quality, but also reduces a considerable amount of time for development. Appraisals can also be done in the preliminary development stage itself, to find out if the system requirements would be fulfilled.


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