Wagstaff to Provide Vital Casting Technological Support to the Ma’aden-Alcoa JV

The Ma’aden-Alcoa Joint Venture (JV) has elected Wagstaff, to be the provider of rolling, t-ingots and extrusion billet casting machinery, for the vertical direct chill casting complex.

The contract takes into account the technology and the capital machinery required, to manufacture extrusion billet and aluminum rolling ingot at the casting building, which is being constructed in Saudi Arabia’s Ras Az Zawr and commences production by 2013.

This mega project is a blend of Alcoa’s expertise and knowledge, and the bauxite and energy resources available in Saudi Arabia are all for the creation of the world’s biggest and low cost aluminum manufacturing factory. The first phase of the project is the Greenfield smelter and rolling mill, which will be the most sophisticated technological mill, mainly manufacturing can, tab and end stock, for the markets in the region. Its preliminary capacity would be in the range of 250,000 and 460,000 tons annually.

This contract covers not only Wagstaff ‘s advanced ingot and billet casting systems, but also automated controls, which are necessary for improvements in recovery rates, and in achieving superior workplace handiness, accessibility features, and safety measures. The complex would also be using the highly developed ingot casting technology, to obtain enhanced surface finish on the rolling ingots, which in turn would benefit by increased efficiency and quality.

According to Ray Kilmer, Alcoa Global Rolled Products’ Vice President, Wagstaff has been of immense importance to Alcoa’s many projects, by providing superior casting equipment, and for supplying several flourishing Greenfield installations, in the Middle East and other parts of the world. He further stated that Wagstaff would not only provide the equipment needed for the JV, but also be there for all equipment design operations and through processes such as operator training, commissioning, delivery etc., in short, for the total system support activities.

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