Wall Street Communications to Promote Sensor-Based Systems of VPG

Wall Street Communications declared that they have been entrusted to promote Vishay Precision Group’s (VPG) products and technologies. VPG’s main products include sensor-based systems, and sensors using resistive foil technology.

VPG, originally a part of Vishay Intertechnology, became an entity on its own, i.e. a public trading company, on 6th July, 2010, delivering vertically integrated solutions for emergent markets, in the field of industrial weighing, stress measurement and manufacture of process control systems. Wall Street is to provide services related to public relations and marketing communications, by addressing the worldwide trade media, about VPG’s five product groups.

They include Vishay Foil Resistors, VPG On-Board Weighing, VPG Process Weighing, VPG Transducers and Micro-measurements.

Vishay Foil Resistors manufactures very accurate and steady resistors. These resistors are used for making bulk metal foil resistive products, which in turn are utilized in operations, needing very high levels of both stability, and precision in fields like aerospace, medical testing appliances, superior performance producing audio equipment, military applications and precision measuring devices.

Micro-Measurements produces a full battalion of sensors, dealing with high-precision strain measuring devices, which are made use of everywhere in the world, for analyzing stress measurements, and as sensors in a broad range of transducers, for quantifying physical variables like torque, force, weight, pressure etc and also as Strain Gauges, PhotoStress devices, coatings, data-acquisition systems and provisions required to attain accurate and dependable stress data.

Brands such as Tedea-Huntleigh, Revere, Celtron and Sensortronics are manufactured by VPG Transducers. They have been used to supply weighing and force measurement applications, for more than ten years.  When combined with Micro-Measurement strain gauges, the VPG transducers load cells, are being used in medical, agricultural and industrial fields.

Both high-performance solutions and turnkey solutions are designed and produced by VPG Process Weighing, which includes brands such as Nobel Weighing Systems and BLH. These systems combine products from Vishay Foil Resistors, Micro-Measurements and VPG Transducers, to provide solutions for industries, such as steel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food processing.

VPG On-Board Weighing delivers products for overload security, and on-board vehicle payload control, via its SI and PM Onboard brands. It also combines with other products from Vishay Foil Resistors, VPG Transducers and Micro-Measurements, and delivers products to be used in aircraft, waste management, forestry and other markets.

Source: http://www.wallstcom.com.

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