Tevra Introduces Family 1st VisioFocus Infrared Non-Contact Projection Thermometers

Families now have a solution to obtaining accurate and non-invasive temperature readings with Family 1st™ VisioFocus®. VisioFocus thermometers provide the newest technology of infrared, non-contact capabilities with a unique feature that projects the temperature on the item being measured.

Don't wake a sleeping baby to get their temperature. Use a Family 1st VisioFocus Infrared Non-Contact Projection Thermometer.

Not only does it project body temperatures, it will also take an accurate reading of milk in a bottle, baby food, bath water, a child's room, or a foot. Family 1st VisioFocus offers results that no other thermometer can.

Family 1st VisioFocus thermometers are precise and easy-to-use, with patented technologies including its projection system, aiming technology, and ability to recalibrate quickly. Get an accurate and reliable reading with Family 1st VisioFocus.

"We wanted to offer something to families that they really need. Most thermometers in the market today do not have the technology to provide consistent accurate readings. It is vitally important to have accurate temperatures when you have a sick child, especially a newborn. A high temperature for an extended period of time can prove to be very dangerous. It's also an added benefit to be able to take the temperature without having to wake your sleeping child," said Caryn Stichler, co-owner of Tevra Brands, LLC, the makers of Family 1st Products.

Family 1st VisioFocus Thermometers include the following innovative features:

  • The most advanced line of infrared non-contact thermometers a family can own to precisely measure body temperature.
  • The only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature directly on the forehead without disturbing the sick child. VisioFocus can also project on other surfaces without touching them which is a hygienic method of taking the temperature.
  • Patented aiming system for correct positioning to obtain accurate readings. Get the temperature reading centered between the brackets and you can be comfortable that you have an accurate temperature.
  • Patented recalibration technology that includes the ability to recalibrate quickly when thermometer is exposed to different ambient room temperatures.
  • VisioFocus temperature reading range is between 33.8°F to 176°F (1°C to 80°C). Most other infrared non-contact thermometers have a much narrower range.
  • 5,000 to 30,000 readings (depending on model) before the battery needs to be changed
  • Nine memory settings
  • Digital displays

Tevra Brands is excited to introduce Family 1st VisioFocus thermometers to families, providing the best solution with the newest technology. Tevra Brands is committed to finding better solutions.

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