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PMC Launches Pressure Transmitters with Flush-Mount Sensors

Process Measurement & Controls, Inc. (PMC) releases its innovative series of PT/EL Level/Pressure Transmitters featuring local remote display. The flush-mount patented sensing device integrated in the transmitter ensures safe determination of fluids for obstructive objects or cleaning purposes.

The sensors are in different models and can be immersed in the fluid or fixed instantly on tanks or pipe lines. The remote displays and electronics available in various packages can be placed approximately 60 feet apart from the device for easy observation and to restrict them from extreme vital conditions. All the CE certified models of the sensor confirms to FM/CSA standard for safe use.

The series PT/EL transmitters are suitable for measuring the pressure or tank level in waste or water, beverages, food, pulp or paper and in pharmaceutical sectors. The unique senors can monitor pressure ranging from 5″ to 500 psi with 4mA to 20 mA power supply with Hart® protocol transmission and are fabricated using chemical resistant Inconel, Hastelloy, Haver and Stainless Steel coatings. The ceramic shielded capacitance sensor with ASIC characterization furnishes durability to the device. The approved PMC packaging is strengthened by applying 10 fold pressure without harming it to ensure safety with a warranty of two years.

PMC has a proven 40 years experience in designing, fabricating and supplying USA made pressure/level transmitters and is recently supplying its new series of products to its domestic and international consumers.


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