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Passport Systems' SmartShield Networked Radiation Detection System Wins Prestigious Award

Passport Systems, Inc, one of the world's leading developers of radiation detection technology, today was named winner of the "Best Nuclear or Radiation Detection Product or Solution" award for the SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System from Government Security News.

Passport Systems has developed two state-of-the-art detection systems that are helping to keep the world safer from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) threats.

"We are honored to receive this award," said Dr. Robert Ledoux, President, CEO and Director of Passport Systems, Inc. "Passport Systems is committed to delivering technological solutions to save lives. As recent attacks in San Bernardino and Paris demonstrate, there are terrorists all over the world, intent on doing harm. It is our mission at Passport and responsibility as engineers and scientists to develop advanced products which are part of the global architecture intended to provide public safety. We take that responsibility very seriously."

Passport Systems' handheld radiation detecting system can detect and prevent radiological threats. The innovative system provides seamless integration of individual detectors into a network, while its advanced algorithms use the network to perform improved radiation detection, localization, identification, and continuous background estimation. The SmartShield system provides significant advances that help law enforcement improve their capabilities at locations such as airports, concerts, or any large outdoor gathering.

"The SmartShield system grew out of a vision that a system of networked radiation detectors could outperform independent detectors," said Dr. Ledoux.  "Our technology is transforming the understanding of what radiation detection systems can accomplish. In the system, multiple handheld detectors in multiple locations are networked together to share data, acting, in essence, as one large distributed device. SmartShield drastically improves security personnel's ability to interdict illicit materials and prevent terror events."

Furthermore, Thomas Hughes, Director of Product Management for the SmartShield Technology, noted that SmartShield automatically identifies subtle radiological changes in background radiation; it is uniquely capable of geolocating the source—be it stationary or moving; and because data sharing is automated across the chain of command, creating a common situational awareness map, it helps responders locate and identify a radiological source, reducing response time and fundamentally improving standard operating procedures.

"This technology leads to rapid pre-emptive responses against radiological threats—a win for first responders, hazmat professionals, commanders, and the citizens relying on their protection," Mr. Hughes said.

Additionally, next spring, Passport Systems will unveil a pioneering, non-intrusive, cargo inspection facility at the Port of Boston. Deploying its SmartScan 3D™ Automated Cargo Inspection System, the facility is designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of cargo inspections by integrating Passport System's proprietary detection technologies with conventional high-resolution imaging and intelligent passive radiation detection to automatically clear or detect threat materials in seconds or minutes.

The comprehensive system automatically detects nuclear material, explosives, drugs, and other contraband, supplying authorities with three-dimensional locations of any contraband. The extraordinary technology is far more efficient than current systems that rely solely on human analysts to detect contraband.

"Our objective is to work with nations, big venue operators, transportation officials, law enforcement agencies, public officials, and private industry executives around the world to protect the public and property from CBRNE threats," said Dr. Ledoux.  "The world gets more dangerous every day. But our scientists and engineers are hard at work developing technology to counter these threats, and keep people safe."


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