[email protected]’s WiFi220 Dual Sensor Aids Cost-Effective Temperature Monitoring

[email protected] proclaimed the launch of its new series of sensor, which can measure temperature and humidity in a tiny device.

The sensor probes are coupled with a wire-free system ensuring safety to electronics and objects.

WiFi220 Dual Sensor

By determining temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters, Google, Microsoft or IBM’s environmental monitoring information centre averts the hazardous conditions encountered with their water cooling units and HVAC appliances. The small or medium companies also suffer the risks associated with air conditioners and have opted for a less expensive temperature monitoring system to warn them in case of any interruptions in power or instrument disfunctioning. Currently with the advancement in humidity and temperature sensors, cost-effective temperature and humidity determination has been employed by such companies.

[email protected]’s latest WiFi220 dual sensor facilitates humidity measurement reducing the expenditure-per-point and lessening the ROI by 50% thus providing humidity measurements to most of the small and mid-sized organizations and companies.

The advanced WiFi220 offers cost-effective humidity and temperature measurements providing early warning to many companies.

Source: http://www.temperaturealert.com

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