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FleetMatics GPS Vehicle Tracking System to Improve Ingersoll Rand Business

Ingersoll Rand delivers the main HVAC-R amenities to consumers across North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee. The company had to seek a way to thrive in such an aggressive industry particularly through the economic recession.

After a prolonged research, the company determined to integrate FleetMatics GPS tracking system on many of the company’s vehicles. The GPS Vehicle Tracking system by FleetMatics was advanced particularly to enhance the production and profits of small and medium sized businesses.

Brian Saunders, Territory Fleet Administrator, Ingersoll Rand stated that the company established numerous ways to deploy FleetMatics GPS towards the betterment of their whole business model. Mr. Saunders employs Live Fleet from FleetMatics to confirm that the drivers exploit the direct path to the work location and the dispatchers could identify the vehicles closest to any work site and can thus avoid further fuel consumption. With automated records Mr. Saunders could notice unauthorized vehicle utility and excessive mileage during non-working days. The reports also help in the identification of drivers who misuse the fuel by using their vehicles during cold or hot days. Ingersoll Rand could lessen the resting times of a vehicle to 10 minutes per day by exploiting this report. Mr. Saunders added that they could save approximately $85,000 in fuel expenditure per year and that they are glad that they have enforced the system prior to the fuel price hike.


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