EXPO 2010 to Showcase Novelda AS’ Nanoscale Impulse Radar

The Norwegian government and Innovation Norway have extended an invitation to Novelda AS, a company dealing with fabless semiconductors, to showcase the Nanoscale Impulse Radar at EXPO 2010, in Shanghai, in the month of September.

According to Novelda’s Chief Marketing Officer, Aage Kalsaeg, the impulse radar is being utilized by many organizations world wide, in many diverse applications, and that taking part in the exhibition would definitely be beneficial, since its initiation in the third quarter of 2009. He further confirmed that Novelda technology is used for applications, such as industrial automation, personal security, human vital sign monitoring and many more innovative sensor solutions, because of its CMOS transceiver having low power utility, extremely high resolution and near field operations.

This radar releases EM (electromagnetic) pulses, and then also quantifies the reflected energy obtained from the substances in the background. Due to the piercing properties of the radio waves, and the ultra sensitive nature of the receiver, reflections from objects which are not overtly visible, such as the human heart, or things which are concealed by other objects, are clearly identified. The Novelda radar is a total CMOS radar transceiver incorporated on one chip. The transmitted pulses’ high bandwidth, proffers its high accuracy levels, and exceptional penetration capacities. This radar’s technology does not need any time-keeper, but it still delivers high speed and low power utility.

Novelda’s NVA6000 series of impulse-based radar chips can be incorporated into several sensor solutions. These chips can either harmonize or substitute the currently available technologies, such as video, infrared and ultrasound sensors. Its attributes such as high resolution, speed and penetration through obstacles, makes it ideal for several new solutions. As these are one chip transceivers, they can also be incorporated into miniature and mobile appliances. To save money and time on prototype and concept development processes, Novelda offers both software and development kits.

Source: http://www.novelda.no

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