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Prosig’s Protor System Monitors Power Plants

Iberdrola has developed a renewal scheme for evaluating the prevailing status of its Spain oriented plants. The scheme will be carried out progressively, and Prosig was assigned to integrate their Protor vibration monitoring device in three of Iberdrola’s power units. The agreement was granted to Prosig in cooperation with Prosig’s Spain delegate, Aries Ingeniería y Sistemas.

Prosig has integrated its Protor systems previously in Pasajes (Guipúzcoa, Spain) and Lada (Asturias, Spain) power units. Prosig’s preliminary operation includes distributing, integrating and signal wiring the Protor systems as well as training the staff at Iberdrola. Prosig decides to execute the third installation of their systems at the Palencia-based Velilla power plant in Spain by September 2010.

The checking and evaluation of rotating devices on the basis of vibration analysis calibration, is at the centre of predictive control systems. Such system assesses the status performance of machines. Upon working, the rotating devices undergo intensive stress due to mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical forces, inducing vibrations in the system and leads to wear and aging of the machines. The destruction of a rotating machine inturn affects various measureable parameters.

Prosig’s Protor system enables safe online measurements of main boiler feed pumps, turbine generators and other accessory plant equipments. It furnishes real-time and prolonged access to major vibration components and other plant process factors, denoting the machine condition.

Without the status awareness of primary equipments such as pumps, turbines, and its associated plant devices, the conditions get even worse resulting in machine damage and finally loss in income..


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