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ThingsExpo New York 2016: FreeWave Technologies Delivers Presentation on Sensor-2-Server Concept

FreeWave Technologies, a leader in industrial, secure Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networking solutions, today announced that Scott Allen, CMO of FreeWave, will be presenting "Sensor-2-Server: Intelligent Communication at the Access Layer" at ThingsExpo on Tuesday, June 7th from 4:40 - 5:15p.m. EDT. ( Sensor-2-Server™ (S2S™) intelligent communications for the access layer can collect and transport the data that supports higher-level analytics. As IoT becomes adopted by industrial markets, there is going to be an increased demand for video, voice, data and sensor data communication from the outermost layer of the network.

The company recently launched two new IIoT communications solutions – WavePro™ (WP201) ( and ZumLink™ family of products (, designed to enable ruggedized, high-performance data communications in even the most extreme environmental conditions, such as sweltering heat, salt, rain, and wind.

"The idea of deploying intelligence at the far edge of the access layer (at the sensor level) for local application execution and global communication (to big data systems) with predictive analytics in the cloud is very appealing to the industrial IoT sector," said Allen. "The problem big data vendors have, however, is access to "data in motion" at the sensor location. As IoT is increasingly adopted by industrial markets, there is going to be an increased demand for intelligence at the location of the sensor, the ultimate definition of fog computing."

Download This: Sensor-2-Server white paper:

New Industrial IoT Communication Solutions from FreeWave
The WavePro (WP201) is the first in a series of industry-changing Sensor-2-Server solutions FreeWave introduced that offers reliable shorthaul (between 1-5 miles) communications and a Wi-Fi hotspot platform. The WavePro delivers secure collection, control and transport of all Voice, Video, Data and Sensor (VVDS™) information, including video surveillance and license plate recognition applications. WavePro units were recently deployed at a remote power plant site in Saudi Arabia to provide reliable and secure IoT networking: (

The ZumLink Family ( represents an entirely new class of wireless IoT communication solutions by offering a flexible new radio design that supports a link rate of up to 4Mbps PLUS the ability to support third-party applications on top of the versatile communications platform. These capabilities provide customers with increased bandwidth, lower power consumption and endless possibilities for collecting, protecting, transporting and controlling data from the network end points all the way back to the server.

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