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Former Sugar Factory Heated by Mark Infra Line Radiant Heaters

The former sugar factory “Suikerfabriek” in Groningen (Netherlands) is becoming a well-known event location. The “Suikerfabriek” is an old production location of the Suikerunie, where sugar beets were processed into sugar. The building was built in 1913 and has been completely emptied, giving it a rough appearance.

To make sure visitors of current and future events experience a pleasant temperature, Mark Climate Technology has installed six gas-fired radiant heaters with a total capacity of 420 kW.

The installation of the radiant heaters existed of four Infra Line’s type 90/44 with a length of 40 meters each and two Infra’s type 30-9, each with a length of 9 meters. With these the main hall, restaurant, bar, vestibule and entrance are comfortably heated. In addition, five Mark MDV Blue roof fans are providing the main hall and restaurant of fresh air, which is supplied through the walls.

Because of the height of the building and the large volume that needs to be heated, the energy-saving Infra’s are a very suitable solution for the former sugar factory. To give the visitors a comfortable feel, units that do not cause air movement and produce little noise were specifically preferred. The radiant heaters also needed to be suitable for propane gas, since there was no gas connection available in the building. The entire project has been carried out in three weeks.

Since 1945 Mark Climate Technology has been manufacturer of climate control equipment: air heating, radiant heating, ventilation equipment and air handling units. Mark is based in Veendam (the Netherlands) and, together with branches in Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Romania, serves the whole of Europe.

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