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EyeVision Software Inspection of Laser Marking on Medical Products

Medical products have to undergo a number of quality and safety inspections. The demand is an explicit marking and identification. The EyeVision image processing software for example is often used to inspect laser markings on medical products. A camera inspection system, consisting of an EyeCheck smart camera including the EyeVision software, can be integrated permanently into the laser marker head, for ensuring an accompanying image capture for verifying and validation of the quality.

This is all within the meaning of the new guideline of the FDA (Food and Drug Association). The bigger part of medical products, which are imported into or sold in the United States, have to be marked with the Unique Identifier (UDI). But also in Europe the quality standards are growing.

Markings of all sorts such as e.g.:

  • alphanumeric characters such as serial numbers, date specification, etc.
  • complex codes such as bar codes, 1D and 2D Data Matrix Codes (DMC)
  • company and brand logos can be read with the EyeVision software.

Maker and supplier have to fulfill certain standards. The EyeVision software checks if the marking is flawless and therefore if a constant quality is reached. Therefore also the production rejects are being reduced. With the camera inspection system of the EyeCheck smart camera, the quality of the markings and also the contents of the codes can be inspected. The software includes commands for code reading as well as pattern matching and measurement technology. This also means that, the exact position of the correct contents is put onto the right product. This is especially important as the code (in most cases a DMC) is used for the product identification, traceability, product safety and quality. The EyeVision software also not only checks the contents of the code but also if they are readable, contrasty, tamper-proof, hygienic and clean.

The EyeCheck smart cameras are available in various variations and can be equipped according the production process and production line, with diverse sensors and lenses. The diversity is an advantage, because the image processing solution can be forged according to the needs of the customer.

But all EyeCheck smart cameras have one thing in common: the EyeVision software. The software can be mastered in no time at all and the user does not even need special programming skills. Due to the drag-and-drop function and the self-explanatory graphical user interface the inspection programs can be created easily also for the reading of complex codes and characters.

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