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ZPE Systems Launches NodeGrid Service Processor at Cisco Live! 2016

ZPE Systems unveiled NodeGrid Service ProcessorTM at Cisco Live! 2016 – An IPMI, BMC and IoT management solution geared towards servers, storage, power, sensors, IoT and Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant devices.

NodeGrid Service Processor has been perfected to provide secure, hyperscale remote access and control to management ports of IPMI, BMC, IoT and other network capable IT devices, regardless of vendor.

“IPMI management ports are constantly attacked for their weak credentials and security vulnerabilities. In addition, Java viewers require a compatibility downgrade to match platform versions, leaving them exposed to preciously patched vulnerabilities. NodeGrid Service Processor alleviates those issues by creating network separation, securing the IPMI management ports from exploitation. NodeGrid also uses an HTML5 viewer, addressing the security issues Java based KVM viewers have,” said Arnaldo Zimmermann, CEO of ZPE Systems.

ZPE Systems NodeGrid Service Processor comes equipped with 48x 1GbE ports, 4x 10Gb SFP+ ports, a fast quad-core Intel CPU, Broadcom’s Helix 4 switching architecture, and built-in 32GB flash storage. NodeGrid Service Processor is integrated with the latest 64-bit Linux OS - This combination enables lightning-fast response times and provides secure and reliable in-band and out-of-band vendor-neutral device management.

NodeGrid Service Processor serves as the gatekeeper between the management network and the management ports of IPMI, BMC, PDU’s, virtual serial, SDN, VM’s and IoT devices. NodeGrid Service Processor provides secure access, safeguards management port credentials and is ready to manage OpenBMC devices.

NodeGrid Service Processor comes equipped with ZPE Systems’ premium NodeGrid OS features, including:

  • HTML5 viewer (No Java) for IPMI SoL and KVM, WEB, Console. Virtual Media support
  • Secure network separation – Provides firewall, DHCP client/server, IPv4/v6, System Configuration ChecksumTM
  • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for rapid deployment
  • x86 64-bit Linux, Helix 4 switching silicon, Docker app and shell scripting
  • Orchestration integration for Puppet and Chef
  • Natural language asset search
  • Vendor-neutral power management
  • 48x 1Gb Ethernet on RJ45 and 4x 10Gb SFP+ ports


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