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Epson Toyocom Launches XV-9000 Gyro-Sensor Series

The Timing Products Division of Epson Toyocom Corporation, a U.S. organization, launches a new range of small and dependable gyro-sensors, namely the XV-9000 series with auto-safety features, to cater to the demands of vehicle safety, and also to meet the latest ESC (electronic stability control) stipulations (as per the imminent legislation) in the automotive industry.

XV-9000 series gyro-sensors

This new series is proficient in enduring high temperatures ranging from -40 to +125°C, employing Toyocom’s innovative packing technology. It is created to monitor variations in attitude, and also to correct them, by measuring angular velocity; and also to detect skidding. Sampling is now ready, with mass production in the wings by December 2011. Circuits providing critical self-diagnosis are present, to detect malfunctions during both startup and operation times.

Epson Toyocom’s QMEMS Technology is made use of in crafting the crystal-sensing components with a unique hammerhead configuration, and this series of miniature sensors were developed with stability in mind. These sensors, by perfecting the sensing elements and their structure, have superior shock survival and vibration resistance features. The series is made up of four types of sensors, two of them being yaw-rate sensors, the XV-9100LV and the XV-9100LP, having a +/-100deg/s sensing range, and the other two being roll-rate sensors, the XV-9300LV and XV-9300LP, with a +/-300 deg/s sensing range. The main difference between the sensor types is the packing board and the sensing axes. The LV packs, sense in the vertical direction, while the LP packs, sense in the planar direction. J-lead pins employed provide excellent joint consistency. This series being AEC-Q100 compliant is one more Epson Toyocom product, dedicated to enhance vehicular safety.


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