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Samsung Participates in AWRI to Accelerate Development of Next-Generation 5G Wireless Networks

Samsung Electronics America (SEA), Inc. today announced its participation as a board member of the Advanced Wireless Research Initiative (AWRI), a public-private partnership spearheaded by the White House to accelerate the development of next generation 5G wireless networks in the United States.

In conjunction with the initiative’s member companies and more than 400 university researchers, Samsung will contribute its expertise in wireless network architecture and mmWave radio access technologies to help lead in the research and testing of next generation mobile networks.

"The White House initiative provides an ideal platform for Samsung to help create a blueprint for the future of communications network development through collaboration with a diverse range of experts," said Charlie Zhang, Vice President, Samsung Research America. "Supporting U.S. wireless leadership and next generation networks continues to be a priority for Samsung, and we look forward to helping expedite 5G innovation to enable more people to benefit from the next level of enhanced communications.”

With the AWRI, Samsung will provide guidance and assist in the development of new wireless testbeds, enabling researchers to examine and validate 5G technologies, spectrum usage paradigms, application performance and service behavior. As a board member, Samsung will also provide direction on future research initiatives.

Pioneering 5G Innovation

Samsung brings over 35 years of experience in developing innovative mobile telecommunications technologies and plays an active role in working with international standards organizations on standardizing 5G network development. The company has driven a wide range of 5G breakthroughs in the mmWave spectrum including:

  • In 2013, Samsung recorded the world’s first gigabit per second throughput benchmark to a distance up to 2 kilometers using next-generation prototype technologies in mmWave spectrum.
  • In 2014, Samsung set a speed record at 7.5Gbps in a stationary environment and became the first to demonstrate stable and uninterrupted mobile connections at 1.2Gbps from a vehicle traveling at over 100km/h.
  • In March 2016, Samsung announced the world's first multi-cell handover maintaining a gigabit data transmission, demonstrating a vehicle-in-motion maintaining a gigabit data transmission while moving between three transmitters.
  • Recently, Samsung developed 5G-ready antenna and power amplifier technologies, enabling smaller, more energy efficient 5G equipment and devices using 28GHz millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum.


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