Notafire Pro Uses Five Sensors to Detect Fire-Related Emergencies

If you've ever redecorated a room, you might have obsessed over every detail to get it perfect. But in spite of all your best efforts, one sore point remains: the smoke detector protruding from the ceiling or walls. Couldn't it be hidden from sight?

The Notafire Pro is almost invisible, it Measures just 4.3 inches (110 mm) in diameter and protrudes less than a quarter of an inch (6 mm) from the ceiling. (PRNewsFoto/Notafire)

This is the question Yehuda Fulda, a real estate developer with a sharp eye for detail, asked himself 6 years ago. He kept wondering why the smoke detectors in the homes and building he was developing couldn't be recessed into the ceiling for a cleaner look.

When he looked into it, he also found that no company manufactured a networked smoke detector with dual detection. Smoke detectors were either using ionization or photoelectric detection. If their job was to prevent different types of fires, why were you forced to predict the kind of fire that could happen?

An entrepreneur by nature, Fulda put the question to a team of engineers and designers he hired. Over the next 5 years, his team worked hard to develop a smoke and CO detector that was at the cutting edge of technological innovation while remaining aesthetically unobtrusive. In fact, it protrudes less than a quarter of an inch from the ceiling and can be painted to blend in. This is Notafire Pro.

"I'm really excited that there will finally be a way to provide the family with top-notch safety without unsightly detectors marring the ceiling," Yehuda Fulda said at the pre-launch for the product.

Combining cutting-edge technology with almost invisible design (patent pending), the Notafire Pro uses five sensors to detect any fire-related emergencies, from smoldering fires to fast burning fires and Carbon Monoxide.

Notafire Pro is virtually invisible. Measuring just 4.3 inches (110 mm) in diameter and protruding less than a quarter of an inch (6 mm), you can even paint over it to match your decor. It is available with battery only or hardwired with a battery backup so it finally looks like you won't have to choose between protecting your family and having the perfect room.

Notafire Pro is network-ready; supporting WiFi, Z-Wave and IFTT connections, it integrates seamlessly into your smarthome system to create a series of actions in the event of an emergency such as turning on all lights, exhaust fans, and opening motorized skylights. The possibilities are endless.

Most importantly each Notafire Pro is interconnectable so in the event of an emergency in any room, every connected Notafire Pro will sound an alarm. This is critical in large and multistory residences.

The Notafire Pro comes with its own app that will notify users in the event of an emergency together with a picture of the triggered area via its integrated camera. The app also  provides information when the battery is low and can be used to silence a ringing alarm.


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