Dusun Electron Unveils Handheld Controller to Explore VR Environment in 3D Space

Dusun Electron Ltd. is announcing a Virtual Reality (VR) based handheld controller to explore VR environment in 3D space by pointing, clicking on objects, and navigating menu. This VR controller features a touchpad and a 9-axis motion sensing based gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer sensors to control the VR headset via Bluetooth wireless communications.

Supporting 9-axis motion sensing, Touch control, Bluetooth, Haptic feedback (Credit: PR Newswire)

Virtual Reality technology provides the user a virtual environment with computer hardware and software. It provides a fully immersive environment in which the user can interact with objects similar to those in the real world. The virtual reality technology works on components such as gesture recognition systems, sensors, and the embedded electronic components. The processor helps to execute the input and give the user an output in which the user can perceive that the object is a part of the environment.

Dusun's VR controller product introduction incorporates highly accurate 9-axis sensor fusion software from Hillcrest Labs, an InterDigital company and a pioneer in sensor processing software and systems.  Hillcrest Lab's MotionEngine™ software and expertise are key elements in delivering a high performance and quality VR motion controller. The device uses Hillcrest Lab's software to extract data from gyroscope and accelerometer sensors and produce application-ready outputs to enable intuitive motion-controlled user experiences.

Dusun's VR controller consists of a limited number of key commands and a touchpad along with haptic feedback to interact with VR applications from the headset, such as select, menu viewing, return to home page, back to the previous screen, and volume control. The haptic feedback enables the user to play it as naturally as in the physical game. Additionally, a trigger button on the controller to make very convenient to perform select actions while playing games.

Dusun's VR controller is designed with human factors and ergonomics in mind for users to intuitively interact to 3D objects and menus. Also offered is ultra-low power consumption with real-time voltage battery detection and low-voltage alarm and Over-the-Air (OTA) for software upgrades.

"Virtual Reality is a high growth emerging market is and innovations inclusive of controller devices within this segment are expected to grow to $33.90 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 57.8% in the next 5 years. Dusun is pleased to partner with Hillcrest Labs to integrate its MotionEngine software for Dusun's VR controller," said Benny Chan Chief Executive Officer of Dusun. "And I am excited to offer an advanced & innovative VR controller highlighted with superior motion & immersive performance."

Source: http://www.hzdusun.com/

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