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Gazomat’s Inspectra Laser Detects Gas Leakage Effectively

The innovative Inspectra laser, developed by France-based Gazomat company, is capable of performing natural gas detection in the pipelines, methane gas leakage detection, lowland surface gas discharge monitoring, biogas feeds in CHP engines and methane detection in sewage pipelines. The Inspectra Laser is distributed in the UK by Geotech and in the USA by Landtec, a division of Geotech.

Inspectra laser

Various devices were employed for leak identification, location and evaluation, until recently but now with the help of the laser gas evaluation chamber integrated in the Inspectra Laser all the activities can be performed easily and spontaneously by the validation of methane from the gas volume ranging from 1 ppm to 100 %. It is weight-less and user-friendly. The programmable laser diode which is capable of identifying methane gas spontaneously is resistant to other hydrocarbons, thus obtaining a high precision with the CH4 leakages. The ATEX certification ensures its potential utility in hazardous outdoor and indoor environments.

With its accuracy in locating and detecting methane discharges, the device now is substituting other FID devices since the FID (Flame Ionisation Detector) devices need hydrogen cylinders to drive the detecting devices. The FIDs also has the necessity of a lit flame in the monitoring equipment which restricts the authorization from ATEX and they need to be placed straight during its working to avoid dousing the flame.

The Inspectra offers extreme choosability and sensitivity to CH4 at ppm levels by employing the novel laser spectroscopy technology to provide superior operation from a handy analyser for specialist gas operators.

The device offers programmable self-evaluation during the start up time, a broad LCD backlit screen and warning systems that are audible and visual. The improved Laser is delivered with a portable carrying casket, rods for sampling and all other requirement filters. It supplies high-performance economics with fewer repairs which ensures lower expenses of ownership, its precision eliminates the requirement for laboratory samples and the quick response period saves the working times.

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