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Samsung Introduces Two Innovative CMOS Imagers Operative on BSI Technology

Samsung has released two CMOS imagers in the size range of 1.4 micron, the S5K4E5 and S5K2N1, which operates on a back side illuminated (BSI) pixel technology which enables the sensors to capture pictures with high clarity even in dim lights.

Both the imagers have been deployed in smartphones and in digital cameras, previously. The advanced BSI imagers from Samsung offer 30% increments for dim light responsiveness over the traditional front side illumination imaging devices in the same pixel range. By optimizing process parameters, The Company could effectively modify the electrical, color and optical functionality by standardizing the process methodologies.

S5K4E5 and S5K2N1

The CMOS imager S5K4E5 has a one fourth inch light pattern with 1.4 micron 5 megapixel (Mp) resolution and is fabricated to provide live video coverage. The resolution rate in the range of 30 frames per second (fps) allows the user to capture the shot by catching the frame while striking the shutter button thus avoiding the lag time per shot. The broad ray angle in the 5Mp imager lowers the imager package’s height thus making it ideal for thin, miniature smartphones with z-height demands.

The 1/2.33 inch light pattern with a 1.4 micron 14.6Mp resolution imaging device, S5K2N1, endorses 30fps capacity at full resolution and employs 90nm less-power logic process technology for its operation. Samsung delivers thermal enhanced plastic lead ceramic carrier (TePLCC) models to scatter the heat discharged by the device. These imagers can capture high definition (HD) video images in the range of 60fps with high-quality images.

Both the imagers are likely to be manufactured in large scale by the end of the year.


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