PASCO Scientific Releases New Wireless Carbon Dioxide Sensor

PASCO® Scientific’s Wireless Sensors was started last year and since then they won many awards in the United States and abroad. They have specifically received praise from educators looking for cost-effective, easy-to-use STEM tools that power scientific inquiry. Recently, PASCO® has launched a new addition to their wireless line: the Wireless Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sensor.

The Wireless CO2 Sensor becomes a part of PASCO’s series of wireless pH, pressure, temperature, conductivity, force/acceleration, voltage, light, and current sensors, as well as the Wireless Smart Cart which transmits velocity, position, acceleration, and force data to a mobile device or computer via Bluetooth® Smart. Since the sensors simplify lab setup and eliminate the clutter of cables, students are able to spend more time exploring, and to perform experiments that were impossible or difficult before.

With the Wireless CO2 Sensor, students can measure the concentration of CO2 gas in an open environment or a closed system without complicated, time consuming arrangements. Students can stream live data or gather and store data on the sensor using the sensor’s onboard memory, making it possible to perform experiments for weeks, hours, or days.

Furthermore, experiments for key metabolic processes such respiration, photosynthesis, and fermentation can be accomplished using the readily available organisms and the included 250-mL sample bottle. With a zero to 100,000 ppm range, the sensor can also be used to explore decomposition, human respiration, and even combustion.

Using the Wireless CO2 Sensor, students no longer have to count bubbles or limit themselves to gathering only qualitative data. With wireless connectivity, they can now collect real-time, accurate data and engage in scientific inquiry that unleashes their curiosity. Further, the Wireless CO2 Sensor costs much less than traditional CO2 sensors, making it easy for schools to dramatically improve access to modern STEM tools.

Steven Korte, CEO of PASCO Scientific

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