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Latest Version of sugarBEAT Sensor Achieves Major Improvement in Glucose Detection

Nemaura Medical Inc., a medical device company announced the latest version of the sensor component of it’s sugarBEAT® non-invasive wireless skin-patch has achieved a more than 300% improvement in glucose detection.

This major improvement is expected to enhance sugarBEAT® accuracy as expressed through MARD, by enabling diabetics to better detect small fluctuations in glucose levels, and for sugarBEAT® to detect glucose at very low levels.

The sugarBEAT® clinical trial program, involving up to 75 patients over 525 days, is due to commence shortly, with product launch anticipated before the end of 2017 in the UK.

The needle-free and daily-disposable format of the sugarBEAT® skin-patch is expected to provide a non-invasive and flexible way for diabetics to better manage their glucose levels.

SugarBEAT’s® cost-effective design, consisting of a reusable Bluetooth-enabled body-worn transmitter containing a low-cost disposable adhesive skin-patch will make glucose monitoring more affordable, especially for non-insulin-injecting diabetics.

Alongside the sugarBEAT® wireless skin-patch, Nemaura has also successfully developed and tested the associated sugarBEAT® mobile phone application.

This Medical-grade App connects by Bluetooth to the skin-patch and displays glucose readings on a continuous basis as well as providing summary Ambulatory Glucose Profile (AGP) trends.

The App also allows for additional manual lifestyle inputs helping diabetics to better understand and manage their condition.


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