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IDEAL Industries to Launch Contact-Less IR Thermal Probes for Various Security Applications

IDEAL Industries Inc. releases its innovative contact-less infrared (IR) thermometers for providing security to the maintenance operators.


The working of this unique thermometer is based on IR heat-sensing methodology and permits the monitoring of external temperatures of the operating circuits, hard-to-penetrate objects or mobile units from a reasonable space to furnish secure functional conditions. The constant detection of the temperatures discharged from the external surfaces will help in avoiding devastating disorders and issues.

The thermometer is also capable of performing electrical repairs and controllable maintenance operations and thus can be widely exploited in various health and safety, process control, food preparation and in HVAC applications. An integrated socket for the working of Type K thermocoupling sensors is equipped in the device for monitoring the heat status in the hindered zones.

It presents a distance-to-spot ratio in the order of 12:1 proportion and offers a broad thermal range from -76F to 932F or -600C to 5000C with an embedded laser locator that allows the identification of the target point within the measurement surface.


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