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CSC Releases Advanced DY Series Tensiometers for Surface Tension Evaluation in Various Industrial Sectors

CSC Scientific Company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of duNouy Ring Tensiometers, releases a sequence of three self-regulating DY Series Tensiometers. CSC has wide expertise in monitoring  surface tension in various industries.

The improved Tensiometers are capable of performing liquid calibrations in the areas of lamella length analysis, surface tension, liquid density and dynamic contact angle. It can also measure the actual density of powders, wettability and the contact angle.

Various surfactants, coatings, printing, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, petrochemical and other associated industries require surface evaluations for manufacturing of products, in their processes and also to check the quality of the yield.

The completely automatic tensiometers employ the Wilhelmy Plate and the duNouy Ring process for taking measurements. All the calibration methods are software supported which drives all the calibration steps in the processes of the measurement, logs and exhibits the results, provides live commands and also furnishes several guidelines and visual examples.

Numerous accessories available with the device facilitate easy arrangement and recurrence of the measurement parameters by regulating the temperature of the sample.

Japan-based Kyowa Interface Science Company fabricates the innovative, advanced DY Series Automatic Tensiometers.

CSC is collaborating with Scientific Gear, an importer of DY Series Tensiometers, to furnish complete support to the application systems and to extend the novel products’ field service thereby improving the evaluation potentiality of the devices and to meet the testing demands of the consumers and industrial sectors.


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