FLIR ATS Launches Improved GF320 Camera for Sensing Gas Leaks and Temperature Status in Power Plants

FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) has launched a twin-purpose FLIR GF320 camera by advancing their gas leak detecting GasFindIR camera. The advanced FLIR GF320 camera facilitates the temperature monitoring in power plants apart from identifying the gas leaks. The radiometric property of GF320 enables identification, calibration and visual inspection of the temperature.

The specific camera can be deployed in process and mechanical plants for monitoring the thermal fluctuations that disturbs the proper operations and also for inspecting the transformers, power lines and circuit boards. It can also be utilized for offshore integration purposes.

The thermal ranges are interpreted in various colors in the display unit in which the extreme thermal zones are indicated in red for quick identification by the operator of the camera. In the gas identification functionality of the camera, the leaking gas is denoted as a crest for easy detection. The supervision of both the functionalities can be carried out at a distance for eliminating any sort of danger to the operator from the extremely heated devices or from the harmful gases.

The GF320 features an LCD display, an integrated memory and an integral visual camera for appropriate recordings and the software in it facilitates the integration of thermal pictures to the video documents or to other reports.

The GPS functionality permits the inspection and recording of the actual location of the hotspots or leaks thus helping the maintenance crew to directly source out the point of the disorder.

The camera weighs 2.4 kg thus simplifying the detection of larger areas and the inspection can be performed rapidly compared with the other methods.

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