WAVE – New Measurement Software for attocube’s IDS3010

attocube's IDS3010 – a super compact, ultra precise and high-bandwidth interferometric displacement sensor - is now available with a software package for real time data analysis and processing. The new measurement software ‘WAVE’ enables fast and easy data acquisition, evaluation and reporting.

Image Credits: Attocube

‘WAVE’ offers an intuitive user interface and essential features for fast and easy data visualizing and analyzing such as zooming, pausing, a live Fast-Fourier-Transformation. The export of measurement data to CSV-files enables post-processing in software tools such as Microsoft Excel, Matlab, or Origin.

The software package is optionally available as for all IDS3010 devices and makes the sensor the ideal tool for a plethora of applications ranging from high-frequency vibration measurements, to machine calibration, and position control.

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