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New Lumina™ RF Temperature Logger for Temperature Monitoring in Food/Beverage Operations

Leviton has reported a key technological advancement for monitoring commercial refrigeration equipment and preserving food safety in retail beverage and food operations.

The new Lumina™ RF Temperature Logger expands the capabilities of the Lumina Gateway energy management & control system to wirelessly measure and log temperature data for freezers, refrigeration units, dry storage or remote areas where monitoring is a paramount requirement. Users can maintain an accurate record of temperature data with real time monitoring, including email or text alarms, historical graphing, cloud data storage, report exports, onboard memory and integrated battery backup, plus an iOS/Android app for remote access and control - all linked with a Lumina Gateway controller.

Leviton Launches Wireless Temperature Logger for Measuring, Monitoring and Recording Refrigeration and Freezer Temperatures (Credit: Leviton)

In today's retail food and beverage facilities, hand-written temperature recording is a laborious task subject to potential errors and inconsistencies, the new Lumina RF Temperature Logger eliminates this risk, enabling facility employees and management to remotely measure and log air temperature within refrigerated spaces, simplifying compliance with food safety requirements.

Tom Leonard, vice president of marketing and product development for Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation.

Besides logging and exporting capabilities, the Lumina RF Temperature Logger's temperature thresholds can be fixed to deliver alarm notifications by app, SMS, email via Leviton Cloud Services. If a temperature increases above or below demarcated thresholds or if a refrigeration/freezer door is left open, alarm notifications can be transmitted to technicians, store managers, and/or store owners. From the Cloud Services dashboard, a user would be able to also view all store locations and their status visually pinned on a map. In the case where one Temperature Logger enters into an alarm state, the location on the map will respond in real time to visually specify an alarm status besides text or e-mail notification.

In the event of internet or power outage, users can depend on the Lumina RF Temperature Logger's on-board memory, which records at least three days of temperature data while sampling every minute. The system's internal Lithium batteries provide sufficient power to last 3+ years so users can carry on logging vital data through crucial time periods. The data will automatically synchronize back to Leviton Cloud Services for long term storage once the internet or power is restored.

Temperatures are read using about two temperature RTD sensor probes in the logger that are autonomously tracked and recorded. This includes a RTD probe enclosed in a glycol solution option (Part number RTDGP-000), which can be used in food service applications where extra simulation of variations in air temperature's effects on food is essential. The Lumina RF Temperature Loggers ship with an included 2.5" stainless steel needle probe (Part number RTDSS-000) for properly measuring air temperature in either dry or refrigerated spaces.  The Lumina RF Temperature Logger is also dustproof and water resistant, providing protection from water spray from any direction as well as limited dust ingress.

The Lumina RF Temperature Logger facilitates its monitoring and reporting through Leviton Cloud Services and the Lumina™ Gateway, an economical wireless energy management automation eco-system ideal for restaurants, retail facilities, and other small commercial operations. The Lumina Gateway includes other automated capabilities outside of the RF Temperature Logger including dimmers, sensors, wireless light switches, thermostats, and heavy duty load controls.

The Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF wireless devices are currently available, together with the Leviton Cloud Services website and mobile app.

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