QuickMedical Introduces Omron Health Management System

QuickMedical is all set to launch the Omron Health Management Kit consisting of an avant-garde pedometer, the Omron HJ720ITC Advanced Pocket Pedometer, and the Omron HEM790IT Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor, along with a PC Software CD. This equipment is ideal for those who want to keep an eye on their blood pressure and attain better fitness levels.

According to Scott Hanno, QuickMedical’s CEO, monitoring and tracking heart beat and blood pressure, are very important to evaluate a person’s health, and the Omron software helps one to do this with great efficiency. When the recorded data is uploaded to the PC, the software will stock up the data and also investigate it and present the results in the form of graphs and charts, and if needed send them to the concerned healthcare professional

Managing stress levels and blood pressure at home, along with lifestyle changes, such as a healthy diet, reduction in salt, an optimum weight, increased physical activity and no smoking, can control high blood pressure, according to Mayoclinic.com

The Omron pedometer can be used to measure the calories burnt, distances walked, time spent on walking, number of steps taken and can display data up to nine days , while storing data of 41 days , which can be sent to a PC through a USB cable.

The Omron BP monitor uses Omron’s Intellisense technology. This technology, after each use, gets the pressure cuff inflated to the correct level, making redundant, the necessity of adjusting the inflation level time and again.

Source: http://www.quickmedical.com/

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