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WiseEye IoT is the Industry’s First Ever Ultra-Low Power, Always-On, Intelligent Visual Sensor

DSP Group®, Inc., Emza Visual Sense and Himax Technologies recently announced the launch of the WiseEye IoT; considered to be the first ultra-low power, always-on, intelligent visual sensor in the industry. WiseEye IoT adds human presence awareness for industrial IoT applications and consumer appliances.

Emza Visual Sense (the inventor of ultra-low power computer vision) and DSP Group (a leading international provider of wireless chipset solutions for converged communications) will be displaying the WiseEye IoT sensor at the upcoming largest consumer electronics show in US, CES 2018, January 9-12, in Las Vegas.

DSP Group’s ULE and SmartVoice solutions, Himax’s innovative low power CMOS Image Sensor, and Emza’s unique machine vision algorithms yield a commercially available sensor that has the potential for detecting, localizing, counting and profiling people. When incorporated into consumer appliances such as TV sets, heating and cooling systems, home assistants or security systems, WiseEye IoT allows battery-powered human awareness in the vicinity of the appliance in majorly efficient and cost-efficient manners. It adds a vital new information layer to presently marketed voice activation systems, offering the appliance with consistent information on the number, profile and location of people nearby in order to improve user experience. Furthermore, the sensor has been designed for preventing storage or transmission of images in order to protect customers’ privacy.

When dealing with industrial applications, WiseEye offers intelligent occupancy detection and people counting in a battery powered sensor, thus it is considered to be perfect for managing factory floors, HVAC, and other areas where motion detection is needed. The actual sensor comprises of a minimal form factor, permitting seamless integration with any industrial ecosystem and design when compared to standard motion detectors. It can be effortlessly incorporated into third parties’ IoT management systems and also the currently available Building Management Systems’ backend for smooth deployment, management and analytics. WiseEye IoT is capable of providing the intelligence needed for smart buildings in order to optimize HVAC, and enhance control of security and safety at just a few milliwatts of power and greatly competitive cost. SmartVoice SoC allows WiseEye IoT to function in extremely low power consumption that is vital to such devices. Incorporation with ULE technology, provides WiseEye IoT an interference-free spectrum band and excellent range, improving WiseEye’s value proposition by permitting transparent connectivity to currently available ULE-IoT based systems.

ULE was the natural choice for Emza as they were looking for a solution to power their WiseEye due to its many benefits, including superior range, lack of interference, low cost and extremely long battery life. We are thrilled to have worked with Emza and Himax on the first wireless deployment on an always-on visual sensor with the ability to detect human presence as it is a game changer for everything from climate control to security.

Tali Chen, CVP Corporate Development & Chief Evangelist of DSP Group

Machine learning-based sensors enhance the intelligence and functionality of any device, and our trainable WiseEye IoT solution aims at bringing these capabilities to the vast and largely untapped IoT space in both consumer and industrial domains. In DSP Group, we found a unique combination of offering that fits any IoT supplier – a low power SoC that can serve as a computing platform for our advanced algorithm and ULE modules for easy integration with IoT systems.

Yoram Zylberberg, CEO of Emza Visual Sense

Himax CMOS Image Sensor, HM01B0, is the first to be specially designed to benefit the computer vision algorithm and we are excited to be a part of this sophisticated new joint offering from Emza and DSP Group. Low power and high performance are critical to the success of this application. Using our CMOS Image Sensor gives WiseEye the ability to bring computer vision to new applications that have been hard to reach before due to cost, performance, and power constraints.

Amit Mittra, CTO of Himax Imaging

The WiseEye IoT visual sensor solution will be showcased by Emza Visual Sense at DSP Group’s suite at the upcoming CES, January 9-12, 2018 in Las Vegas.

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