Monnit Introduces New Range of Wireless Sensors

Monnit Corporation has proclaimed the availability of ten cost-effective wireless sensors developed for consumer and commercial applications.

The WIT wireless sensors offer a wide range of applications that include monitoring temperatures for huge commercial freezers and coolers used in grocery and convenience stores; locating water near toilets and water heaters in homes and apartments; detecting the existence of animals such as dogs in hotel rooms or other rented premises; or sensing the presence of light in art galleries and other places containing light sensitive materials.

Monnit’s wide range or series comprises of WIT’s Wireless temperature sensors to monitor temperature; Wireless light sensor to quantify intensity of light mainly used in night time walking routes, and parking areas and also for preserving art and conserving energy; Wireless Water sensor to recognize the presence of water or other liquids; Wireless Button sensor to give alerts to people when the button is depressed; Wireless Accelerometer which is used to measure frequency and intensity of movement at fixed time intervals; Wireless Magnetic Presence sensors to detect a magnetic source to find machine RPM and position in a production line up; Wireless ID sensors to be utilized as a digital ID tag, to track an object’s contents, and its presence or absence in any building; Wireless open/closed sensors to monitor building access, as they can detect if a door or window is kept closed or open; Wireless Placement sensors which help in placing wireless sensors in the correct location by authenticating the location’s signal strength which is sufficient for a sensor to be placed permanently.

According to Monnit’s CEO, Brad Walters, their company’s wireless sensors had unlimited possibilities and applications galore because of the new emerging technologies. These low-cost sensors are highly proficient, and prove to be of great use to businesses, in monitoring a wide ranging series of activities. They can also be very easily installed and are highly dependable. A choice of either MonnitExpress Standalone PC application or MonnitSphere online monitoring service is offered to transmit all the necessary data from the sensors through a USB receiver. The data is then verified with the thresholds and user defined settings, to find out if notice needs to be sent out to the user  either by a sms or an email.

Other than the above listed sensors, Monnit is also creating complimentary gateways and more Wireless sensors, which are to be ready for the market in 2011’s first and second quarters.


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