Vernier’s Wireless Sensor Cart Helps Students Perform Hands-On Physics Explorations

Vernier Software & Technology has launched the new Go Direct® Sensor Cart for high school, middle school, and college physics students. The wireless dynamics cart allows students to easily analyze force, velocity, position, and acceleration using Bluetooth® wireless technology.


The new Go Direct Sensor Cart is the latest addition to our popular Dynamics Cart and Track System. This cost-effective cart comes with built-in sensors and can be used with or without a track, making it an ideal technology for hands-on kinematics and dynamics investigations.

John Wheeler, CEO of Vernier Software & Technology

The Go Direct Sensor Cart can be used for hands-on kinematics and dynamics demonstrations, but the integral sensors can also be used individually. An encoder wheel reports velocity, position and acceleration. The cart can be attached to a turntable to analyze centripetal acceleration using the three-axis accelerometer. A mass and spring can be hung from the ±50 N force sensor to examine simple harmonic motion or measure pulls and pushes.

Supplementary features include mass trays for adding mass, low-friction wheels for uniform motion, a plunger for collision and impulse studies, and exchangeable magnetic and hook-and-pile inserts for elastic and inelastic collisions.

The Go Direct group of sensors offers students and teachers maximum versatility to gather scientific data either via a USB connection or wirelessly. These economical sensors are designed for chemistry, physics, biology, and more, and can be used in teacher-tested experiments developed by Vernier. They are aided by a free graphing and analysis app, Graphical Analysis™ 4.

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