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Cassidian Electronics to Supply MILDS F Sensors to RnoAF for Defense Applications

Cassidian Electronics, the newly renamed EADS’ defence and security unit, will safeguard the Royal Norwegian Air Force’s (RnoAF) F-16 warfare airplanes form the missile attacks. Cassidian was granted a multi-million euro agreement from the RNoAF for providing them with over 100 AN/AAR-60 (V) 2 MILDS F sensing devices (Missile Launch Detection System, Fighter).

According to Bernd Wenzler, Cassidian Electronics’ CEO, the reduced pseudo warning rates and the speedy identification by the MILDS F senors coupled with its self-regulating introduction of the safety measures will lower the task of the pilots during crucial circumstances and help in the safe landing of the airplanes and the defense team.

The MILDS F passive imaging device is capable of identifying the UV ray signals from the attacking missiles. The intensive resolution range and its speedy processing potentiality facilitate precise terror detection, avoiding any sort of pseudo warning systems. Numerous sensors are connected to a Countermeasure Signal Processor for supplying entire coverage and for providing fast countermeasures. The specific system can be installed anywhere in the pods, pylons or in the aircraft’s fuselage. The unique sensor will significantly strengthen the security against anti aircraft projectiles like the infrared-supported shoulder-fired missiles that cannot be identified by the recent alarm systems.

The working of the MILDS F is supported by the MILDS (Missile Launch Detection System) sensing device and is already deployed successfully in the NH90, Tiger, CH-47, CH-53 and C-130 and is also structured to function in extreme warfare aircraft conditions. The MILDS F can also be utilized in the Eurofighter, Gripen or in Tornado aircrafts.

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