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Walls Machinery Launches Non-Contact CapVu Vision Sensors for Precise Closure and Cap Detections

Walls Machinery launches the innovative CapVu camera sensing units that are fabricated by Teledyne TapTone. These sensors are contact-less, identification devices particularly configured to inspect  high caps, cocked or tilted caps, misplaced caps and missing tamper rings.

CapVu Camera Sensor

Teledyne TapTone, the manufacturer of this innovative device, is a leading fabricator of package detection devices for the beverage, pharmaceutical dairy, food and chemical sectors.

This unique cost-effective vision sensing units are ideal for precise closure and cap detection. The CapVu features a fast operative digital camera and LED display shielded in a stainless steel covering.

The sensor can be installed on an adjustable height stand that can be beamed over the user’s prevailing conveyor thus excluding the necessity of conveyor modulations. The camera sensing units facilitate user-friendly operation by the provision of icon-supported menus, a colour touch display and a USB drive for downloading the pictures.

The CapVu device is highly-beneficial compared to the conventional cap detection and vision sensing systems. The sensors offer high-precision and the fast operative digital camera and the software supported in the device examines the closures rapidly. The less-expensive vision systems can even be deployed for various other manufacturing purposes.


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