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High-Resolution LiDAR with Video Fusion for Autonomous Driving

Neuvition, Inc. recently launched Titan M1, the first version of its 480 lines HD video LiDAR. The semi-solid state LiDAR has a resolution of 480 vertical lines and 1280 pixels maximum for each line (resolution of 1280 x 480).

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It is one of the highest resolution LiDARs available commercially, with a 1.5 million points/second data rate and distances up to 200 m. The Titan M1 uses a 1550 nm wavelength laser which is safe for the eyes and functions better in certain weather conditions compared to the 905 nm laser.

With max 480 lines high resolution and 200 meters distance, Neuvition Titan M1 will make autonomous driving safer compared to lower resolution LiDARs and other solutions."

Henry Li, CEO of Neuvition

Another benefit of the Neuvition LiDAR is the dynamically modifiable system. It permits the LiDAR to be attuned dynamically to use different resolution, scan density, power, distribution pattern, etc.

High-resolution LiDARs allow autonomous driving cars to see better from a longer distance. The device will make it much harder to miss small objects on the road, that will increase the safety level of self-driving cars.”

Jian Lin, Chairman of Neuvition

One crucial feature of the Neuvition LiDAR is the video fusion. The Titan M1 is fitted with a video camera. It can produce the colorless point cloud, or the colored point cloud which is vital for numerous applications. B

y integrating distance data and color, Neuvition makes it easy to produce the 3D color model with Neuvition’s LiDAR devices. Apart from the autonomous driving, other applications such as surveillance or 3D imaging should gain from the color point cloud and the point cloud-fused video.

The Titan M1 also has a patent pending for its two-piece design comprising of a main control and a compact LiDAR head. This makes it easy to configure and setup in various applications. With the sample price very competitive to analogous products currently on the market, it will generate excitement for several LiDAR applications.

With the video fusion and high resolution, the Titan M1 is the most appropriate for HD imaging applications including 3D indoor and outdoor mapping along with machine vision, autonomous driving, and surveillance, etc. Neuvition, Inc. will start the pre-order of Titan M1 samples in a few weeks.

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