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Roctest Releases AcTiMon-X1 for Achieving Significant Structural Data

Roctest Ltd, a specialist in the fabrication and development of high-performance accurate sensors, proclaimed the release of a novel series of sensors called the AcTiMon-X1, advanced for gathering and evaluating the structural data without any complications.

The AcTiMon-X1 is a flexible, low-cost, multi-purpose sensor in which a two-axis inclinometer, a temperature sensor, a three-axis accelerometer and the associated data acquisition and signal conditioning electronics are integrated into a single miniature sensing component. The AcTiMon-X1 is an entire measurement device that can be joined to a computer or a grid employing the basic USB or Ethernet interfaces. This connection system permits cost-effective installation of sensing units into a prevailing grid or to a latest network. Upon integrating the sensing units to an infrastructure, the AcTiMon-X1 can be connected to the prevailing Ethernet grids and thus the necessity of providing extra wiring can be avoided. The Ethernet connection furnishes a secure, cost-effective, single-wire solution for the non-grid structures by linking and using the AcTiMon-X1 and coupling them with other Roctest devices which deploys identical grid interfaces. The AcTiMon-X1 monitors accelerations at a range of 200Hz frequencies and performs tilting at a frequency of 10Hz.

François Cordeau, Roctest’s President and CEO stated that by coupling AcTiMon-X1 with other specific advanced Roctest’s products, the building owners can reliably and easily enhance the life-span of their old significant structures.

AcTiMon-X1 is transported along with all the software accessories that customize the AcTiMon-X1 to meet the user-specific measurement requirements. For achieving rapid and simple solutions to access information, AcTiMon-X1s is equipped with point-and-click Windows software that tracks and graphically represents the responses. It can also be deployed along with Roctest's SHMLive detecting solutions.


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