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Teflon Coated Sensor Measures up in Sticky Situations

The Teflon-coated sphere for the SmartBob™ level sensor is a new option for materials that are sticky or prone to static cling. Its coating is specifically adapted for measuring powders and solid materials that may adhere to the sensor probe such as silica or frack sand, powdered chemicals or minerals, additives and ingredients. The Teflon coating on the sphere is FDA approved allowing it to be installed in bins, tanks, or silos containing ingredients used in animal and human food processing or pharmaceutical environments.

SmartBob™ level sensor

Measuring the level of sticky materials can create difficulties for some operations. If material builds up on the sensor, maintenance is needed to clean the sensor probe. Material buildup on the probe can also begin to spoil over time, potentially causing contamination. Powders accumulating over time can become a solid mass that may enter the production process. Using the Teflon-coated sphere in place of a traditional steel spike bob is an easily way to protect against these build-up hazards.

BinMaster’s SmartBob level sensor helps save time, money, and increases safety when measuring materials by eliminating the need to climb bins and take manual measurements. Acting as an automated tape measure, the sensor takes measurements at predetermined time intervals or on demand. The sensor is automatically dropped to the material surface. When it makes contact with the surface, it immediately retracts and, by counting pulses, calculates a highly accurate measurement from the top of the silo to the material surface.

The SmartBob with Teflon-coated sensor is compatible with Binventory™ software, the BinView™ remote data monitoring web application, and the C-100 display console. It can be used in a mixed network of SmartBobs or other level sensors measuring other materials. Measurements from the sensor can be displayed along with data from all other vessels in the operation when the C-100 console or Binventory software is being used.



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