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TDK MEMS Extends Automotive Motion Sensor Solutions Improving Navigation Through Tunnels, Parking Garages, and High-Temperature Environments

TDK Corporation announces today the availability of a new line of automotive high-accuracy devices from InvenSense, a TDK group company.

  • IAM-20680: With operating range of -40 °C to 85 °C, the smallest 6-axis automotive-qualified sensor is the industry’s only device featuring 16-bit accelerometers and 16-bit gyroscopes in a series production car today
  • IAM-20680HP: High-performance version of the IAM-20680 with an operating range of -40 °C to 105 °C, high gyroscope and offset thermal stability, as well as pin, package, and register compatible with the IAM-20680
  • IAM-20380: With operating range of -40 °C to 85 °C, the only automotive-qualified gyroscope fully compatible (pin, package, register, and software) with a 3-axis automotive accelerometer (IAM-20381) and an automotive-qualified 6-axis device (IAM-20680)
  • IAM-20381: With operating range of -40 °C to 85 °C, the only automotive-qualified 3-axis accelerometer fully compatible (pin, package, register, and software) with a 3-axis automotive gyroscope (IAM-20380) and an automotive-qualified 6-axis device (IAM-20680)

TDK’s family of automotive solutions can help enhance the absolute position of a vehicle in GNSS- and GPS-denied environments, such as tunnels, parking garages, and urban canyons. A vehicle’s navigation system can use the output of the 6-axis automotive-qualified IAM-20680HP or of the IAM-20680 to improve estimate of the position, direction, and speed of a vehicle when the satellite signal is deteriorated or non-existent as well as to improve the quality of the position estimation when the satellite signal is strong. The product family measures up to 16g acceleration and up to 2000dps (degrees per second). The low noise helps the car navigate in a straight line while low sensitivity error keeps the car turning correctly. The solutions superior temperature stability also enables navigational driving through the most challenging environments.

The extreme flexibility of the family of TDK automotive sensors allows customers to design with the IAM-20680; or, if navigating in very high temperature environments and for systems where cooling is weak or not available, the IAM-20680HP may be used. If cost efficiency is the most important consideration, the IAM-20380 or IAM-20381 is the suitable choice. TDK’s new family of automotive-qualified sensors can be interchanged without the need to redesign hardware or software.

“With the increased usage of location services for turn-by-turn navigation, the importance of not losing your GPS or GNSS signal due to environments like tunnels, parking garages, and urban canyons is paramount,” said Amir Panush, Vice President and General Manager, Motion and Pressure Business Unit at TDK. “With a full family of InvenSense product offerings that are automotive qualified, OEMs have a plethora of options to differentiate the user experience and supply consumers with more reliable navigation solutions.”

The IAM-20680 and IAM-20680HP are also designed into the new InvenSense Coursa Drive software solution, the world’s first inertial-aided positioning software solution for autonomous vehicle platform developers. Coursa Drive enhances inertial-only vehicle positioning to <0.2% of distance traveled, such levels are critical to maintaining decimeter lane-level vehicle positioning in challenging environments and delivers a cost-effective, vehicle-dead-reckoning accuracy software solution equivalent to high-end systems costing tens of thousands of dollars.

TDK and its group companies offering a comprehensive portfolio of sensors, electronic components and solutions for mobile, wearables, AR/VR, automotive, IoT and industrial applications will be at CES 2019, showcasing the TDK automotive sensor solutions, along with additional innovative sensor solutions in Booth #30306, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 3, January 8-11, Las Vegas, Nev.


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