Zhor-Tech Designs Revolutionary Smart Shoes by Incorporating Sensors, Software

Zhor-Tech, pioneer and global leader in smart shoe technology, has currently created applications for sports, workplace safety, climate, and healthcare. Developing the future of footwear by incorporating electronics and software into shoes, Zhor-Tech revolutionizes wearable technology with real user benefits.

Digitsole, powered by Zhor-Tech

Zhor-Tech’s user-friendly Digitsole insoles fit into any running shoe and empower all users from professional athletes to weekend warriors to have a deeper insight into their activities and improve performance. For cycling, this comprises of examining pedaling techniques, balance, and angles to detect ergo posture to precisely alter the saddle, handlebars, shoe shims, and avoid injury and risk. For running, Zhor-Tech examines stride in 3D, enhances energy expenditure, and increases performances by measuring impact force, pronation/supination, and propulsion level. The dedicated app also provides bespoke exercises and offers comprehensive details on distance and activity finished.

Warm Series, powered by Zhor-Tech

Zhor-Tech smart heating warm series insoles connect via the dedicated app to a smartphone to maintain a preferred temperature of comfort from 86 to 113 °F thanks to the integral thermostat that controls the temperature in the shoes. Ideal for any outdoor adventure, the Zhor-Tech Warm Series insoles are likewise suited for winter activities, like hunting, hiking, and skiing, as well as for professional activities that necessitate some outdoor time.


With sensors fitted straight into the shoe, Zhor-Tech examines workplace activity and tracks distance, stairs, motion/static ratio, calories, and run/walk ratio to adapt and improve movement, increase efficiency, and promote workplace safety. 3D foot patterns measure pronation and supination, identifying and rectifying bad posture to safeguard employees from health-related hazards. Zhor-Tech detects vibration intensity and exposure time associated with sciatica, lower back pain, and micro-trauma of the spine. The technology uses biochemical analysis of stride and activity to measure exhaustion and cushioning measurement alerts personnel when efficiency of the protective shoes declines. Painful postures such as kneeling and crouching are also checked and tracked. Examining foot stability detects dangers of slipping and enhances safety in the workplace.

M-Cube, powered by Zhor-Tech

M-Cube, powered by Zhor-Tech, is a non-intrusive, efficient and cost-effective solution that precisely measures walking patterns, gathering information to identify disease and enhance patient care. M-Cube is an exclusive technology weighing just 7 g that can be embedded in any shoe or insole and designed to capture the twelve parameters connected to the walking profile, including cadence, stance, impact force, speed, pronation/supination, and more. Together with a dedicated mobile app, M-Cube empowers the patient with the chance to visualize personal data while offering doctors with the ability to study the results via a devoted online dashboard. Evolution of disease, or efficacy of treatment, can then be examined in real time, for patient care which is effective, efficient, and inexpensive.

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