IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’s Expansion Plans to Encompass North America

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS confirmed their expansion programs with regard to personnel safety and Oil & Gas Industry related optimization solutions to reach North America. IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is well-known in Europe for deploying personnel safety solutions for companies such as Gaz de France, Gasco and Conoco Phillips, mainly safeguarding the people working in rigs in offshore fields of the Middle East etc.

According to Gerard Schedler, CEO and President, IDENTEC, their WATCHEROFFSHORE system was a cut above the rest, having been developed in close contact with the industry, and also meets the exacting standards and certifications posed by the industry. Their focus was on America and they have a seen a surge in demands for their proven personnel safety solutions.

The personnel safety solutions also have mustering solutions, voice communications, monitoring of lone workers, and access control, as some of the options in the WATCHEROFFSHORE Suite system. This system can be easily customized to suit any environment and client specific needs. It is based on the sensor SMART platform, developed by IDENTEC. This robust platform is perfect for the Oil and Gas Industry’s exacting requirements, and it also remains firm against any external or metal interference. Its flexible and scalable nature facilitates easy integration of the system into any of the customer’s prevailing structures and also is capable of leveraging any add-on applications. This unique power is bestowed on customers which will assist them in their future expansion and deployment endeavors.

IDENTEC’s General Manager, Frank Wehus (Oil, Gas, Mining and Tunneling in Norway), maintained that for the safety of personnel in harsh environments, especially in cases of emergency, the system should be perfect and unerring. Their system also offered special options, such as alarm management, situation monitoring and onshore-offshore emergency evacuation coordination. This system also includes workflow optimization gadgets. Adding sensors and software to an IDENTEC system for asset tracking and other processes, is easily achievable along with preservation of data, regarding the asset’s whereabouts, its certifications and maintenance processes.


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