Trolex Aims to Prevent 12,000 Deaths a Year with New Air Monitoring Solution

The problem

Statistics from the UK Health and Safety Executive report an average of 12,000 workers within the UK’s industrial sector are dying each year. These preventable deaths are a result of lung disease caused by prolonged exposure to harmful particulates in their working environments.

The inhalation of harmful particulates in hazardous workplaces, such as dust and silica, is causing yearly death toll numbers to be nearly ten times more than road traffic accidents. The death toll is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing nearly every week with no survivors!

Occupational lung diseases take years, even decades to reveal the damage caused - it is a silent killer that needs to be spoken about.

Published in October 2018, the report highlights the main lung diseases that contribute to the annual death toll:

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – 33%
  • Non-asbestos related lung cancer – 23%
  • Mesothelioma – 20%
  • Asbestos related lung cancer – 20%
  • Other diseases – 5%

What can be done?                                                                                                        

Current technology used to monitor harmful particulates is outdated – often providing readings on dangerous levels after they have occurred or failing to provide a full picture of the dangers present.

Now, new technology has been developed which has the ability to detect multiple harmful particulates in real-time. This significantly reduces the risk of employees being exposed to hazardous and potentially fatal particulates in the workplace.

The Technology

Trolex, leading provider of workplace safety technology solutions to the mining, industrial and tunneling sectors, has developed the Air XD real-time dust monitor. This revolutionary piece of technology aims to protect employees and reduce the likelihood of severe health problems later in life.

Using highly advanced laser technology Air XD measures multiple sizes of dust or silica particles simultaneously and reports in real time.

Air XD – the future of hazardous dust and particulate monitoring:

  • Patented laser technology - innovative elliptical mirror combined with a dual element photo detector, creates a ‘virtual sensing zone’ at a fine point in free space at the centre of an open scattering chamber. This is not just a broad generalisation of particle density, but a tightly controlled measuring point.
  • Real time monitoring – Real time continuous measurement of atmospheric dust concentration. This highly accurate data identifies specific trends/peaks at any given time where dust particles reach hazardous levels. The data is collected and shared instantly.
  • Highly accurate - lab-grade precision delivered in a field-ready unit that provides up to five times more accuracy than comparable technologies.
  • Monitors different particle sizes – The size of each particle matter (PM) is instantaneously measured and classified at up to 10,000 samples every second within a range of 0.38µm and 17.5µm.
  • Durable & Reliable – No pumps or filters for high reliability and ultra-low maintenance, allowing Air XD to work continuously in the most challenging environments.
  • Low recurring cost of ownership – Air XD has no moving parts, lowering the need for engineer support orroutine maintenance
  • Increased business efficiency - Analysed data of particulates present in workspaces allow operations managers to provide greater process control

Glyn Jones, Group CEO of Trolex, said: “The lack of real time monitoring of harmful particulates in hazardous environments is a major risk within the industry. With over 12,000 people dying each year from lung disease as a result of exposure to undetected particles, the need for improved monitoring systems is needed now more than ever.

With real time monitoring and the capability of measuring multiple particle sizes without the need to change or remove any parts, Trolex’s Air XD monitor delivers incredibly accurate data needed to reduce the number of deaths and diseases related to dust inhalation in the workplace. Giving organisations the ability to know what is happening within their work environments also enables them to identify trends and peak levels of risk – resulting in improved safety procedures and protocols by reducing false alarms.”

Materials available:

  • Product images (available on request)
  • Air XD feature video (available on request)
  • Interview with Glyn Jones, Group CEO of Trolex – To arrange an interview with Glyn Jones please contact Roxanne Asare or Jon Brown at [email protected]

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