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ADAS Enabled Products to Dominate the Markets in Future

Strategy Analytics’ Automotive Electronics statement called the ‘ADAS Demand Outlook: Affordability and Reliability Key to Future Growth,’ forecasts that there will be an increase in demand for the advancing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), regardless of the downturn in the economic status and the consequent deprivation in Research and Development investment.

The OEMs are dependent on ADAS safety characteristics to segregate their products and to uphold the business share;  they are even willing to utilize ADAS for less-expensive models to compete in the prevailing market. The enhanced price of the ADAS enabled products restricts their usage and this resulted in the advancement of cost-effective ADAS technologies, currently.

Kevin Mak, Industry Analyst at Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service explained that a common mode that arises from the ADAS technology is that the low-cost sensors will dominate the other types of sensors, leading to a less demand for the prevailing type and that recently, the OEM approaches are focused on providing enhanced security measures compared to their opponents. He added that  ADAS will have a considerable influence in the automotive sectors also.

Mak added that the manufacturers are relied upon improving the security and functionality measures of these systems in the course of its advancements and that the integration of sensing units will also increase the effectiveness of the system.


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