FXMA2102 to Aid Two-Directional Voltage Transmissions in I²C Bus Interface Applications with Less-Power Utility

The portable system fabricators demand two-bit capacity voltage level translators and less-power utility to clear up the fused voltage consistency issues, in particular the I²C bus purposes. In order to solve this problem Fairchild Semiconductor has devised, the FXMA2102 chip which is a designable, double-voltage provision level shifter and translator that is capable of adjusting the voltage fluctuations in I²C bus connection purposes.

The devise is configured for two-directional voltage transmission between any two varied levels ranging from 1,65 V to 5,5 V. The dual ports of the chip have self-direction detecting potentiality, permitting the ports to identify the data signal and transmit the data as an output register to the other port mutually. It encompasses speedy and standard I²C bus modes, and functions as a buffer, translator and repeater. The device also offers non-selectable power-up, facilitating the VCC to be charged up first. The Input and output units inspects the levels of VCC, thus designing the device entirely. The non-closed drain outputs/inputs facilitates the operation of the device in open drain and in push-pull conditions.

The FXMA2102 functions to enhance the load capacitance on the I²C bus, requires less-power utility and furnishes ESD shielding that surpasses 8 kV HBM. The chip is accessible in an eight-terminal lead-free MicroPak 1,6 mm x 1,6 mm enclosure or in a miniature MLP 1,2 mm x 1,4 mm package. The IC is fabricated for use in mobile medical devices, portable devices and in set-top-box configurations.

Source: http://www.fairchildsemi.com

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