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What TF03 LiDAR Can do for Your Business

As the third generation product of TF series, TF03 LiDAR inherits the cost-effective and compact-integration advantages from the previous two generations. Meanwhile, TF03 LiDAR upgrades more than ten key parameters and offers multiple expansion functions to meet the various demands in different application scenarios.

The product has a wide-range application scenario in ACC (adaptive cruise control), collision avoidance system, traffic counter, traffic density monitor, overspeed and retrograde detection, industrial security and perimeter security.

Features and Benefits:

  • Mass Productive Price, High Performance
  • Solid-State LiDAR for Long Product Life
  • Long Detection Range up to 180m (can be customized to 300m)
  • High Frame Range 1Hz-1000Hz (adjustable)
  • IP67 Highly Protective Enclosure Rate  
  • Compact Design for Intergradation (Weight 77g)
  • Wide Operation Temperature -25 ºC~60 ºC

Autonomous Driving and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

We produce smart sensors for future, but you can choose to install them NOW.

LiDAR is considered by most vehicle manufacturers to be an essential part of autonomous car. Benewake TF03 LiDAR, as a long-range LiDAR sensor, offers great performance in smart vehicles, not only in self-driving testing, but also in ADAS to meet the mass production demands.

Collision avoidance system uses LiDAR and other sensors to constantly monitor closing speeds between your vehicle and the moving vehicles around it. If the system determines that a collision is likely, it can help you apply the ideal level of braking.

With the 180m detection range*, TF03 LiDAR can be installed in the front and back of the vehicles for collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control (ACC). The centimeter-level accuracy and narrow FOV can keep the vehicle at a safe distance, and reduce the false alarm rate in the meantime.

The high frame rate (1000KHz) feature enables TF03 LiDAR to recognize the potential hazard forward and backward faster than human eyes, especially in dark environment. Vehicles can get longer reaction time to fasten the seat belts, close the windows and notice the collision mitigation system to take further actions.

Compared with other sensing solutions, such as camera or radar sensors, LiDAR can provide best range and angular resolution, especially in the darkness.

As a LiDAR sensor, TF03 LiDAR also has excellent performance against high beam headlight  at night. The front LiDAR of the vehicle can detect the pedestrian, barrier and other obstacles, while our drivers are facing high beam headlight. The back LiDAR can send backward collision warning, while the drivers cannot estimate the distance accurately from the rearview mirror because of the headlight from the followed cars.

TF03 LiDAR can be integrated in the mass productive vehicles, but also can be installed in individual vehicles for a higher safety standard. It can be used for car/truck fleet, train, subway, and other industrial vehicles.

*The detection range can be customized up to 300m depending on the working condition. More information about parameter customization, please contact our technical support.

How We Get Ready for Automotive

  • Pure Solid-State Structure
  • High Detection Frame Rate
  • Parameter Customization
  • IP67 Enclosure Rate, Compact Size
  • Class 1 Photobiological Safety
  • Advanced Algorithm for Bad Weather

Intelligent Traffic System (ITS): Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Counter | Traffic Density Monitor | Overspeed and Retrograde Detection

Traffic Counter and Traffic Density Monitor

Installed on the top the lane, TF03 LiDAR can be used as a traffic counter to monitor the traffic flow in real time. The strengths of LiDAR enable TF03 LiDAR to detect every high speed car on highway accurately, especially at darkness condition.

Each sensor can monitor the traffic flow of one single lane to provide data precisely for control system to do further analysis. For example, it can be installed on top of the highway interchange, by monitoring the traffic density of the forked road, ITS could predict traffic congestion even before it actually happened.

It can also be used as a camera trigger to turn on the cameras and take pictures of the target. While the vehicles are driving too fast, pure camera solutions are easy to miss the target. LiDAR can detect the vehicle earlier and send signal to cameras. In other situations, on the road where few vehicles pass by, it can reduce power consumption because LiDAR consumes less power than the camera.

Overspeed and Retrograde Detection

Two or more TF03 LiDAR sensors can be integrated together to achieve multiple functions, including speed monitoring, retrograde detection , and vehicle model recognition. The sensors can send real-time signal to camera and LPR (License Plate Recognition) System once overspeed/retrograde vehicle is detected.

How We Get Ready for ITS

  • Solid-state Design for 24/7 Operation
  • IP67 Enclosure Rate, Compact Size
  • Class 1 Photobiological Safety
  • Outdoor Operation Temperature -25 ºC~60 ºC
  • Advanced Algorithm for Vehicle Counting
  • Advanced Algorithm for Bad Weather


Industrial Security and Perimeter Security

Increasing road safety, construction site safety and mining safety

Industrial Security

For industrial security, TF03 LiDAR can be used for Tower Crane Safety Warning, Rail Track Inspection, Industrial Measurement.

Installed on the side of crane lifting hook, TF03 LiDAR can detect the distance to the ground or building downwards in real time. When the detection range is shorter than the safety distance, a collision alarm can be triggered immediately.

TF03 LiDAR can also be used at rail track inspection during the train journey. Installed on each side of the train, TF03 LiDAR can detect the high-risk obstacles in the selected range, such as tilted utility poles, broken branches, or construction rubbish. The location of the high-risk obstacle will be recorded and reported to the rail control center during the driving of the train.

Due to the similarity, it can also be installed on the subways or mining vehicles for obstacle inspection in a darkness condition underground. The IP67 enclosure enables TF03 LiDAR to operate stably under humid and dusty conditions.

Perimeter Security

For security solution providers and users, high accuracy of intruder identification and tracking, and low false-alarm rate are the key factors in applications. With the advantage of high frame rate and high resolution, LiDAR coupled with AI algorithm can significantly reduce the cost and other potential disorder caused by false alarm.

With rich experience in R&D and mass production, Benewake LiDAR can easily connect with the existing PTZ camera control and alarm systems to build a virtual fence for secure zones. Compared with the traditional laser security sensor, LiDAR has better performance of detecting high-speed moving intruders and causes less damage to human eyes.

How We Get Ready for Security Detection:

  • Solid-state Design for 24/7 Operation
  • Narrow FOV, Less False Alarm
  • IP67 Enclosure Rate for Humid and Dusty Condition
  • Class 1 Photobiological Safety
  • Outdoor Operation Temperature -25 ºC~60 ºC



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