New Measurement Solutions for LiB Electrode Manufacturing

NDC Technologies, a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions, launches a new generation of sensors with breakthrough performance in accuracy and spatial resolution that enable lithium ion battery cell manufacturers to produce the most consistent, highest quality electrode components.

Uniquely, these safe, non-nuclear measurement systems provide advanced capabilities critical for the dependable control of the coating and calendering processes. This enables manufacturers to provide lithium ion batteries with the highest energy yield and reliability, in addition to supplying safe and powerful energy storage products.

“We are very excited about the opportunities for our new technologies, as they at last offer cell manufacturers in this demanding market environment to gain real process vision,” says Ian Benson, NDCs Global Marketing Director. “Our technology dependably optimizes the process and enables manufactures to more rapidly iterate design improvements through knowledge. Customers for battery assembly final pack production require extremely consistent product due to the demands for performance and power density without compromising safety. NDC’s technology provides the tools to achieve this, both now and in the future, as this rapidly expanding industry evolves.”

Improving Anode and Cathode Coat Weight Measurements

NDC’s new Photon Sensor is the only gauge of its type that precisely measures the coat weight of coatings applied to copper and aluminum foil substrates, as well as provides fine detail of the coating uniformity. Other gauges in the marketplace specify total weight measurement, while the new Photon Sensor specifies coat weight measurement. Compared to traditional Beta (nuclear) sensors, the Photon Sensor coat weight measurement accuracy is typically 10 times better for the cathode and 4 times better for the anode.

The Photon Sensor measurement spot size is very small compared to traditional coat weight sensors – providing excellent flatness measurement, detailed resolution of high/low streaks and a quality indication of leading and trailing edge beads. As a non-nuclear device, the Photon Sensor maintains high on-going sensitivity to coat weight over time compared to Beta sensors with short half-lives that decay over time resulting in deteriorating measurement accuracy. For single-pass coating lines, a Photon Cathode sensor can be used to measure both total and coating weight.

Improving Press Line Calendering Measurements

NDC’s new Micro-Caliper Thickness Sensor is optimized for press-line applications and provides sub-micron accuracy, high-resolution thickness measurements to produce the most consistent, highest quality lithium ion battery electrodes. The Micro-Caliper Sensor sets a new benchmark for spatial measurement and laboratory certified/verifiable accuracy that is better than 0.3 microns. Exceptionally high-speed digital signal processing allows the Micro Caliper Sensor to report on thickness variations smaller than 1 mm in width. This level of visibility enables manufacturers to get a true picture of product quality, enabling them to make improvements to their production processes.

Taking Defect Inspection to the Next Level

NDC's new Web Surface Inspection System provides camera-based defect inspection of the coating on the calender/press lines, enabling manufacturers to achieve zero defects. Systems include powerful capabilities to instantly detect, classify, document and record all optical defects across a broad scope of materials. Typical defects that can be detected include streaks, impurities, scratches, high/low spots and patch dimensions.



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