Fulham to Display New Bluetooth Mesh, LED Luminaire Control System at LightFair 2019

Fulham Co., Inc., a company that specializes in supplying electronics and lighting components for specialty and commercial applications, will display its latest LED luminaire EliteControl software/hardware solution at LightFair 2019 this week.

Fulham's EliteControl Bluetooth mesh LED controller with SmartLink+ sensor is being demonstrated at LightFair 2019 (Image credit: Fulham Co., Inc.)

The LED luminaire EliteControl software/hardware solution utilizes Bluetooth mesh for wireless lighting control. The wireless luminaire control system features a novel SmartBridge device for retrofitting luminaires with Bluetooth mesh controls, an LED driver with a Bluetooth mesh interface, and an iOS commissioning app. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has qualified the entire Fulham Bluetooth mesh solutions as interoperable.

An extensible, low-cost method is offered by wireless lighting controls to provide various luminaire controls, including dimming, through a Bluetooth mesh network. Scalable and secure Bluetooth mesh offers out-of-the-box connectivity.

With the help of a Bluetooth mesh ecosystem, users can control luminaires with sensors, wireless light switches, and other Bluetooth-enabled components from a laptop or notebook to handheld devices.

We are getting more requests from distributors and OEMs for wireless controls for luminaires, especially for retrofit projects. We now have SIG-qualified Bluetooth drivers modules, bridges, add-on sensors, and even commissioning software. At LightFair we will be showing how you can create an entire luminaire control infrastructure using Fulham’s Bluetooth mesh products.

Alvaro Garcia, Senior Director, Product Management, Fulham Co., Inc.

Fulham’s WorkHorse LED Connected Driver—40 W, Bluetooth-ready LED driver with 0-10 V dimming—can be easily set up as a traditional LED driver and subsequently enabled for Bluetooth mesh by integrating a smart SmartLink module. After the SmartLink is linked, the driver can be used with all third-party SIG-qualified wireless devices like sensors and wall switches.

To scale up the installed LED luminaires, Fulham has specifically designed the Bluetooth 0-10 V SmartBridge, which can be linked to a formerly installed 0-10 V LED luminaire to introduce wireless control capabilities. Since the SmartBridge has been qualified by SIG, it can be added to any kind of SIG-qualified Bluetooth mesh ecosystem without any major disruption. The SmartBridge is perfect for both luminaire retrofits and OEMs looking to create their own Bluetooth products.

The Link and SmartLink+ is an add-on sensor that can be plugged into all Fulham Bluetooth products to add light harvesting and motion controls. The sensor has been specifically engineered to be incorporated into a Fulham Bluetooth driver; alternatively, automated lighting control support can be bridged and added depending on the conditions of a room.

In addition, Fulham has developed its own iOS app. called eliteBlue, for commissioning, monitoring, and customizing mesh-connected luminaires. The eliteBlue app is designed to work on an iOS-compatible handheld device to modify lighting control parameters commissioning for lighting zones to fulfill building energy codes and site-specific requirements.

In order to help distributors, installers, and OEMs to get started with Bluetooth mesh, Fulham also offers the new Bluetooth Mesh Lab Kit. The Kit contains an EnOcean double rocker Bluetooth switch, a Fulham SmartBridge, an iPad with Fulham’s eliteBlue commissioning app installed, and a 9 W Vision LED engine. It is suitable for experimenting with potential installation scenarios or testing the latest Bluetooth-ready products.

Fulham will display all its Bluetooth mesh wireless control products in Booth 2701.

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