AAI Offered Contract for Advancing Aerial Sensing Technology

Hunt Valley-based AAI Corp, an automated aircraft expert, will advance an aerial sensing system for the U.S. Navy based on their $30.2 million agreement for guiding the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to inspect and invade the submarine under-sea rivals and exterior war vessels. The system will also help tracking and fighting the ground-based targets and can be deployed for electronic attack operations.

AAI will be advancing electro-optical, acoustic, magnetical radar systems and various other sensing devices for use in manned and automated aircrafts which can also be employed for the surface, ground and undersea operations and in anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

This technology will aid airborne strike, air warfare, strike, and anti-surface warfare, naval and amphibious warfare, defense suppression, Navy undersea warfare, counter-air warfare, close-air support and interdiction and electronic attack as part of the research contract.

AAI is a veteran in the field of ground-control and unmanned aircraft technologies; unmanned aerospace test and maintenance equipment; logistical support, high-fidelity training and simulation systems and armament systems and has advanced the U.K ESL Defense’s electronic warfare systems.

The U.S. Navy also granted an award to Boeing previously for experimenting with an air-launched version of the ScanEagle UAV integrated with a magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) for detecting and capturing  under-sea submarines. The MAD technology distinguishes the modulations in the magnetic field of the Earth imposed by submarines and is attached to the back of the P-3 Orion maritime patrol and the ASW.A variant may be developed that could be launched from a ballistic missile tube aboard the Ohio-class missile submarines.

Source: http://www.aaicorp.com

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