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Baseline-MOCON Launches Toxic Gas Monitors with piDTECH Photoionisation Sensors

USA-based Baseline-MOCON releases an innovative VOC-TRAQTM USB Toxic Gas monitor for identifying various lethal gases economically by employing the company’s untested piDTECH plus photoionisation sensing devices. The unique user-friendly configuration of the device facilitates its deployment in various fields.

VOC-TRAQTM Toxic Gas Monitor

The VOC-TRAQTM is suitable for several air quality monitoring applications involving the analysis of air status in the rooms or other areas for constant evaluation, by virtue of its specific size and high-quality performance. The integral software in the device will exhibit the instantaneous VOC concentration or will permit the monitoring of the saved time period of the measurements by a graphical representation.

The device will work efficiently upon linking with a PC or has the capacity to record nearly 36,000 sample measurements in the integral memory employing selective rechargeable power provision. The warning system can be automated with audible or LED display screens. The VOC-TRAQTM is also consistent with various optional USB supplements.


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