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Vega Australia Unveils Vegabar 66 Suspension Pressure Transmitter

Vega Australia has introduced the Vegabar 66 Suspension pressure transmitters that include a CERTEC measuring cell. The level in wells, open wells and basins can be measured by the Vegabar 66 suspension pressure transmitter.

Vegabar 66 Suspension pressure transmitters

The cell has a temperature sensor which would show the current temperature, either as an indicating and adjustment module or as a signal output. It also contains a frontal flush ceramic diaphragm that is capable of resisting abrasions.

These instruments can be used for measuring absolute pressure ranges in closed containers having super imposed pressure. They can measure permanent product temperature up to 100°C and also measure a range of up to 200 ml H2O. They are also capable of self cleaning, and have a high overload resistance capacity.

Vega Australia is a pioneer in level and pressure measurement utilizing technologies such as Radar, Vibration, Capitance, Guided microwave and Ultrasonic for supplying dependable and steady or even point level measurements of solids and liquids.


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